What is a Rolfing session like?

Each session begins with a verbal check in. I want to hear how your physical experience is. I will want to know how your experience has been since your last session, how the work has settled into your day to day life, and how your awareness has changed. I will then have you stand and walk to observe how you move. This may be followed with other more specific movements or orthopedic tests. I may ask you to perceive certain observations that I make, in order to build a sense of embodiment.

You will then sit or lie on the table for the hands on portion of the session. I take what the client has expressed and what I have observed and then see if that matches what I feel in the tissue. Table work will last 40-50 minutes

Lastly, I will have you sit, stand and walk to integrate the session and assess the changes that have occurred. I may give you verbal cues to bring you back to sensations you observed before the table work. Quite often, I will give you movement exercises that you can apply immediately in your day to day.

Change will continue to take place after the session. In fact, much can happen after the session— hours, days, weeks, and months after you’ve had the work. This change is supported by your participation in your process and paying attention to your experience.

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