What is Rolfing Structural Integration?

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Rolfing SI is a way to find balance, ease, better alignment, and improved posture. It is a type of bodywork and movement therapy that focuses on the effects of gravity on the body by working with layers of connective tissue called fascia. Fascia surrounds the muscles, bones, and organs. The continuous tug of gravity, the stress of daily activities, and past injuries can pull the body out of alignment and away from ones center of orientation. As this happens the fascia gradually shortens, tightens, and adjusts to accommodate the misalignment. This creates inefficiency and imbalance in the body that results in stiffness, discomfort, and loss of energy.

Rolfing SI aligns and balances the body by layering, lengthening and realigning the fascia. As fascia is lengthened and more room is created; the muscles are able to move more efficiently. Through a systematic method of touch and movement education the body nears a more structurally optimal position. This may lead to physical, emotional, and psychological change.

When a body is aligned in gravity it moves with greater ease, requires less energy to function, has effortless good posture, and is able to breathe more easily.

What is Rolfing“Some individuals may perceive their losing fight with gravity as a sharp pain in their back, others as the unflattering contour of their body, others a constant fatigue, yet others as an unrelentingly threatening environment. Those over forty may call it old age. And yet all these signals may be pointing to a single problem: they are off balance, they are at war with gravity. Structural Integration is a system that induces change – When the body becomes more aligned, the posture can become taller, straighter, free from chronic pain and in line with the forces of gravity.

Dr. Ida P. Rolf
Founder of Rolfing Structural Integration

What is Possible or Why Rolfing?

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Rolfing SI is a way of experiencing your body in the world. It is a time when you get to check in with yourself with the goal of discovering a new and more balanced way of being. Each session has a specific objective that is achieved by working with you through touch and movement awareness.

After a session or a series of work, many clients have remarked that they have less stress, a greater sense of freedom and feel more at home in their body and often in their lives.